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This is the git server for stump.io projects. I also have a GitHub account with more things at https://github.com/stump.

Anonymous read-only access

Public clone URLs are of the form protocol://git.stump.io/projectname.git, with protocol being git (recommended) or http. (Yes, this means that the HTTP clone URLs are the same as the gitweb view URLs. Isn't it awesome that this is possible?) They're also shown (along with a source and history browsing interface) if you click on one of the projects below.

Developer read-write access

Push URLs are of the form git@git.stump.io:/git/projectname.git.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
cubetracker.git Web application for tracking personal solve times for the Rubik's Cube (and related products) 4 years ago
debian/pkg-libtiger.git Debian packaging for libtiger 4 years ago
fof-midi-reverser.git A small tool to reverse MIDI files with respect to time. 8 years ago
fofix-bot.git The bot that lives in #fofix on OFTC. 5 years ago
kexec.git Linux bootloader implemented as a Windows device driver. 5 years ago
libfogg.git Frets on Fire X Single-File Song Library 7 years ago
libsmf.git C library for handling Standard MIDI Files (*.mid) No commits
net-connect-four.git An implementation of Connect Four in Python using OpenGL and supporting online play. 8 years ago
oggstreamer.git An attempt at rewriting FoFiX's StreamingOggSound class in C. 8 years ago
pitchbend.git Python module providing pitchbend and echo effect hooks for SDL_mixer. 9 years ago
pomodoro-applet.git GNOME Panel applet for timing the intervals used in the Pomodoro Techinique(tm) 5 years ago
pypitch.git Python wrapper for Performous's vocal pitch analyzer. 8 years ago
stumpbotio.git stump's Twitch chat bot No commits